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Domain Issues19-08-2011 15:00:00
Dear Visitors,

At the moment we got some issues, so from now the this is the new domain Myp2p.cm .

new domain name now: http://myp2p.cm

Sopcast New Release 3.4.022-06-2011 12:00:00
Sopcast has released a new version and after some testing it's ready to download. We've updated our software pages also with it. So a new Sopcast has been released: Sopcast Version 3.4.0. Release info:

[Jun 16, 11] release 3.4.0

* Fixed problems while broadcasting channels.
* Fixed a problem while playing H.264 channels on Windows XP SP1.
* Fixed a problem while playing H.264 channels with TS format.
* Added a quick channel feature(broadcast channels in a simple way);
* Added Korean language(thanks to kolanp at gmail.com).
* Added Vietnamese language(thanks to mathnim at gmail.com).

It shoud be easier now to watch a channel that has the VLC H264 codec without using VLC, altough it's sometimes easier to open it externally in VLC when you get a black screen.

Champions League Final with FC Barcelona vs Manchester United27-05-2011 14:00:00
Congrats Barca with winning the CL Final and taking the Cup!
After an exciting game they beaten Man Utd with 3-1.

Poll Result:

Champions League Winner?
1. FC Barcelona 5357 54%
2. Manchester United 4620 46%

UEFA's showpiece Final reaches Wembley Stadium on Saturday 28 May. Kick-off is at 7.45pm UK/Local time, 20:45CET (Spanish/European Time), 2.45pm EST, 2.45am CN.

Often renowned as the biggest game in club football in the world, the cream of European will descend on north London in May to battle it out for the crown of European Champions. We now know the two teams who will contest the UEFA Champions League Final, in a return of the 2009 Final FC Barcelona will face Manchester United.

Having previously lost their two past semi-final meetings with Real Madrid, Pep Guardiola's side emerged 3-1 winners on aggregate on Tuesday evening and they were joined at Wembley, which carries historical significance for both clubs, by Manchester United. 2-0 winners in the Veltins Arena, United emphatically sealed their place with a 4-1 win at Old Trafford on Wednesday as Antonio Valencia, Darron Gibson and a brace from Anderson set them on their way to Wembley.

Both will feel it is in their destiny to be the first winners of the UEFA Champions League at the new Wembley. Indeed both sides won the competition for the very first time at the English national stadium. Sir Matt Busby led his team to a triumph over Benfica and Eusebio in London in 1968, while Barcelona ended a lengthy wait for a first victory in 1992 as Johann Cruyff took his team, containing current Barca boss Josep Guardiola in midfield, to glory against Sampdoria. Having recovered from the Munich Air Disaster ten years earlier, it was an emotional triumph for Busby, Bobby Charlton and the United fans at Wembley as they were crowned European Champions in 1968. Charlton scored two of the four goals, George Best and birthday boy Brian Kidd got the other two.

Barcelona also required extra-time to win the trophy, with Ronald Koeman getting the crucial goal that saw them over the line. The first European Cup Final at Wembley saw AC Milan beat Benfica 2-1 in 1963, and of the five finals in the capital there have been two English winners. Liverpool lifted the European Cup in 1978 when they defeated Club Brugge by a solitary Kenny Dalglish goal. Johann Cruyff was also involved in the other Wembley Final, as he played in the Ajax team that won their first of three successive European Cups in 1971. Dick Van Dijk and Arie Haan got the goals in a win over Panathinaikos.

Manchester United meet Barcelona in a reprisal of the 2009 Final in Rome when goals from Samuel Eto'o and Lionel Messi were enough to see the trophy returning to Catalonia for a third time, the same number of times it has resided in Manchester. But who will take the crown for a fourth time?

The schedules/links to watch this match live and free can be found on:;

MyP2P.cm :: The UEFA Champions League - FC Barcelona vs. Manchester United

Champions League Semi Finals and El Clasico (3 + 4)25-04-2011 22:00:00
Congrats Barca and Man Utd on reaching the Final, to be played on the evening of Saturday 28th May, at Wembley Stadium, London, England

Its time to get ready for some more exciting football, with the Uefa Champions League Semi Finals coming up. The best club teams in Europe will decide in the next two weeks who will reach the Final of this European club competition. They all want that ticket for the finals at Wembley Stadium, London, England.

Four games, and we start with the schedules. As you're looking to watch these games Live and free on your pc:

26th April: MyP2P.cm :: The UEFA Champions League - FC Schalke 04 vs. Manchester United (Semi Final - First Leg)
27th April: MyP2P.eu :: The UEFA Champions League - Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona (Semi Final - First Leg)

3rd May: MyP2P.eu :: The UEFA Champions League - FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid (Semi Final - Second Leg)
4th May: MyP2P.eu :: The UEFA Champions League - Manchester United vs. FC Schalke 04 (Semi Final - Second Leg)

It will be four exciting games and we start with the first one. FC Schalke 04 is quite a surprise with their semi final spot. They're unbeaten this season in CL home games and they've proven with a 2-5 away win at Inter Milan that they can beat big teams in away games. Manchester United had a quite easy Group Stage and reached the semis with beating Chelsea. They've got a good team and are definately the favourites in this semi final. Expect two great games and attacking football from both sides.

A different story is the other semi final. As Real Madrid and FC Barcelona will meet eachother again. The arch rivals will have to prepare for a fourth and fifth El Clásico. Definately two heated games coming up, with passion, nasty tackles and hopefully also good football. They've already played three times against eachother this season. Barca won their home game in the league with 5-0 and Real's home game in the league ended in a 1-1 draw. Last week Real took the Copa del Rey, the Spanish Cup. In the league it looks like Barca will get the title, so these two games in the CL are for both very important to make a chance on that most important other title: the Champions League. As written before in 18 days they play four times against eachother. Two matches are done, and Real got the better moral after a draw in the league and the Cup win.

Barca is the team with the most possession in almost every game, but can they also get some goals out of that? We will know that in this semi final. As they know all ins and outs of eachother it might become more tactical and defensive games rather then exciting games with good football. The last two games have shown that a bit, with Mourinho going for defensive tactics and countering as in his Inter Milan time. On the other hand Guardiola still trusted in their possession football and an attacking style of play. But we all know the outcome of these last two games and that might make Guardiola change his tactics? But lets hope they proof different and show us two attracting fair games, as they both got the class and top players to do so.

Last but not least: Have fun watching these games. May the best team win and lets get the ball rolling!

El Clasico: FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid (2)18-04-2011 21:30:00

El Clasico!

Update: The second game ended in a 0-1 win after Extra time for Real Madrid. Congrats Real Madrid!
56% of the voters thought Barca would win, so only 44% had this right this time. Thanks for voting. Two more "El Clásicos coming up, at the 27th April and 3rd May in the CL Semis.

El Clásico 20th April, who will win?
1. FC Barcelona 4140 56%
2. Real Madrid 3224 44%

After the second El Clásico of this season ended in a draw last saturday, you can get ready for another one already. As on Wednesday 20th April you can tune in and watch another entertaining and very interesting game. This time FC Barcelona and Real Madrid will play against eachother for the for the Copa Del Rey, the final of the Spanish Cup. It's about a title now, so definately they both dont want too lose and we will also see a winner. If it isnt after 90 minutes, then after Extra time or maybe after penalties. Also a difference is the more neutral venue as they play at Estadio de Mestalla, the amazing and historical stadium of Valencia.

Kickoff is scheduled for 21:30CET (8.30pm UK, 19:30GMT, 3.30pm EST). And ofcourse we will have all the links we can find for you to watch this game live and free on Myp2p. We recommend you to tune in at least 30 minutes before the game starts!

As earlier stated its the second time in 18 days Real Madrid and FC Barcelona will play against eachother, with a total of FOUR times as after this Cup final they will see eachother again in the Semi Finals of the Uefa Champions League on the 27th April and 3rd May. Ofcourse there's only one thing you care about: some good links and a good match. The first we will try to provide to you as usual, and we can only hope then it becomes a good ánd spectacular game.

The schedules/links to watch this match live and free can be found on:;

MyP2P.eu :: Spanish Copa del Rey - FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid

Last but not least: Have fun and make a visit to our forums to discuss the game: That will make it even more fun!!!

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